5 thoughts on “Using Python and a Raspberry Pi to Update Icecast Metadata”

  1. Hi There,

    Love this script but is there anyway to have a default message when the scanner is scanning
    EG. change metadata to “Welcome To My Stream” when scanner is not locked onto a freq or TG ID eg, ID SCAN or ID SEARCH

    I’m using a BCD396t scanner


    1. Sorry for the very slow reply. I’ve never been good at monitoring comments, and haven’t expected (m)any. Yes. You can add a idle scanner message such as “scanning” or “Welcome to my stream” or any text you’d like. I put that in a more recent version. I’ll see if I can dig up the more recent code and post that.

        1. Hi Travis,
          Glad it worked. I have a version that does say “Scanning” when not receiving anything for a user-specified amount of time. I’ll dig that version up and post it.

  2. Hey Brandon —

    Thanks for the super-useful Python script to send scanner tags to Icecast as metadata. I’m having a little trouble with that — everything seems to work, getting correct status back after the tag is sent. But nothing gets displayed on my Winamp screen for the feed. I tried outputting the full URL with the metatdata to the console and pasting that text into a browser window; that sends the metadata and displays it in Winamp, but seems to reset the connection from my Raspberry Pi feed. Audio feed is a DarkIce capture sending to Icecast2 server, all running on the same Pi as the Python script. Any tips?

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