9 thoughts on “Using Python and a Raspberry Pi to Update Icecast Metadata”

  1. Hi There,

    Love this script but is there anyway to have a default message when the scanner is scanning
    EG. change metadata to “Welcome To My Stream” when scanner is not locked onto a freq or TG ID eg, ID SCAN or ID SEARCH

    I’m using a BCD396t scanner


    1. Sorry for the very slow reply. I’ve never been good at monitoring comments, and haven’t expected (m)any. Yes. You can add a idle scanner message such as “scanning” or “Welcome to my stream” or any text you’d like. I put that in a more recent version. I’ll see if I can dig up the more recent code and post that.

        1. Hi Travis,
          Glad it worked. I have a version that does say “Scanning” when not receiving anything for a user-specified amount of time. I’ll dig that version up and post it.

          1. I have a follow up question. I use a Uniden bcd996xt and can set it not broadcast certain frequencies, but can still listen to those frequencies locally without broadcasting them. The meda tags are not so smart and makes it look like I am broadcasting frequencies that are not allowed on Broadcastify. Is there way to setup in the script not to broadcast certain tags or a list of tags?

            Thanks again for the script

          2. Hi Travis,

            Yes. It shouldn’t be too hard to make a list of frequencies and/or talkgroups that you don’t want to send as metadata to the icecast servers. I’ll take a look at the script and see if I can add it. It would be adding an if statement somewhere that checked the actual frequency/talkgroup with the “do not update” list and do nothing or say “scanning” if they match. If no match with the “do not update” list, then update the metadata.

  2. Hey Brandon —

    Thanks for the super-useful Python script to send scanner tags to Icecast as metadata. I’m having a little trouble with that — everything seems to work, getting correct status back after the tag is sent. But nothing gets displayed on my Winamp screen for the feed. I tried outputting the full URL with the metatdata to the console and pasting that text into a browser window; that sends the metadata and displays it in Winamp, but seems to reset the connection from my Raspberry Pi feed. Audio feed is a DarkIce capture sending to Icecast2 server, all running on the same Pi as the Python script. Any tips?

    1. Hi Thanks. I have an updated version of the script that display scanning at an interval if there is no audio activity. I’ll try to dig it up and post it.

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